Cobalt Retail is a tailored solution rather than an “out of the box program”, and Merlin Software is committed to maintaining a personalised service for our clients, to work together to achieve the common goals of growing our systems to continue to meet your needs.

However, we recognise that start-up costs for a new system can sometimes be quite a financial burden for small business owners … as such, we have developed a system that can be installed with minimal or even no cost, or you can have a member of our support team on site throughout the process to assist.

Cobalt Retail comes complete with a fully configured, high level standalone server which can be easily plugged into your network … and our monthly fee contract allows for a reasonable minimum time of dedicated remote access for assistance with installation and initial training.

If you feel comfortable installing your own system, or would prefer to work with your local IT supplier, we are happy to provide you the assistance to do so … if you would like us to take the stress out of the task, we can provide this also. The choice is yours !

Changing to any new system can be a daunting task … however, we can assist your changeover process to minimise your workload, in particular with the creation of your new database. We will provide you with a set of master record spread-sheets into which you can enter your details (or export them from your current system), and these will be used to create your new Cobalt database.

Once again, basic database creation is included in our monthly fee costs if your data is provided correctly … of course, if you wish to have further input from our team to assist with any of this process, we are available for remote access on an hourly rate or on-site visits for a daily fee (two day minimum).