The Challenge

Merlin Software and Cobalt Retail has changed our business in so many positive ways. We met the team at the National CRT conference in Brisbane where it became obvious that our rural merchandise business needed Cobalt. We were using another “high-profile” computer system however it was not meeting our requirements. We were still having to post daily journals to the general ledger, monthly and EOFY processes were timely and arduous and monthly statements were not to the standard that our customers requested. In a nutshell we had been feeling like we were out of touch and our system was out-dated. We were paying top dollar for the monthly lease and not getting value for money.

Our experience with the Merlin team has been nothing short of exceptional. Before engaging with Merlin or any exchange of money, Matt led us through the system, showing us what Cobalt could offer. He engaged our whole business team, answered all our questions and showed us ways we could accomplish the business outcomes we required. Matt’s calm demeanour and expertise made communication very easy and meant nothing was unachievable. The whole process of changing over systems seemed like a nightmare to me however Matt was positive and instrumental in providing a step-by-step approach to being properly prepared before changeover day. Our whole business team were trained and provided opportunities to practise and ask any questions they had. Matt and his team were only ever a phone call or email away and responded promptly to any request we had. The backup support of Merlin Software is honestly the best service I have ever experienced and what makes it even better is that it is all included in the monthly leasing expense. No added costs here and there for anything; the set-up, the training and the support all included with no upfront costs either.

The Solution

The Cobalt system has really changed the way we work and saved time in office administration. The end of month processing is a breeze with debtor, creditor and stock reports clear, concise and balanced with the GL and any systematic problems easy to find and rectify. Our customers are receiving any documentation they need with the click of a button and we have had many compliments about the statements and documentation going out to them. With over 8000 product lines, the inventory, processing and stocktaking has been an area of improvement especially in the pricing of products where factored costs and margins can be accessed instantly when quoting and dealing with price savvy customers.

Overall, I feel very fortunate to have met the Merlin team and implemented the Cobalt system into our business. They truly stand behind what they say, provide professional support and communication and most of all are prompt in dealing with questions. I would absolutely 100% recommend the Cobalt system to other stores.


Merlin’s software, hardware and support gives us peace of mind and lets us focus on our day-to-day retail business.              


Managing Director, Yolla Producers

The training days have been invaluable in getting new ideas and learning more about the system’s capabilities, so we can extract more value for our business.

Michael Bowden

Director, Hills Farm Supplies


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