If you feel comfortable installing your own system, or would prefer to work with your local IT supplier, we are happy to provide you the assistance to do so … if you would like us to take the stress out of the task, we’re only a phonecall away. The choice is yours !


Included in your monthly fee is the creation of your database. Our support team will endeavour to take as much (or as little) of your data across to Cobalt Retail as possible. If you are starting a new business, we can assist you in creating your customers, products and suppliers as well.


As part of our ongoing commitment to innovation, clients receive all standard quarterly software updates for Cobalt Retail. These updates include a range of new features and any required fixes. Our clients play an integral role in system updates, and we listen carefully to your feedback and requests when planning developments, combined with our expert industry knowledge built over 30 years. All standard updates are included in your monthly fee.


Changing to any new system can be a daunting task … however, we can assist your changeover process to minimise your workload, in particular with the creation of your new database. We will provide you with a set of master record spread-sheets into which you can enter your details (or export them from your current system), and these will be used to create your new Cobalt database.


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