The Challenge

My first introduction to Merlin’s Cobalt Retail system was when I was working with another rural outlet. When I decided to start up our own business, I didn’t look anywhere else. You certainly don’t need to be computer savvy to operate any of the system’s functions, which is a major reason we took this system on. When we get new staff or even work experience kids, they can all learn Cobalt Retail and operate it within a day.

We employed a staff member to do office backend and sales tasks. She picked up the new system immediately. The accountancy functions are very easy to operate. It pretty much does our reports as it goes, so it is basically a check-off when it comes to BAS, payroll and supplier payments.

At the front end of the business, the counter, it is very easy to look up products, customers, suppliers and so on. Raising a new product code takes literally 30 seconds. Updating a product takes less than that. Products can be split, sell into negatives or whatever. Sometimes we can’t always deal in black and white, and we need to work in to some grey areas, until we get it into the black and white. This system allows for that to happen. Not all customers make it easy at times, so being able to make adjustments at the drop of a hat makes life much easier.

The Solution

Having the ability to check previous product sales history whilst still on the invoice screen is valuable, as we can see what customers have bought before and either make the call to book at previous prices or current prices. The Cobalt system has many options at the point of sale that just make it easy to serve a customer.


There are also constant upgrades to the system from Merlin. When an issue is found by their users, Merlin are more than ready to put something into place if needed. The tech guys are helpful, and I love the idea of them being able to access our computer, if we give permission, and sort out any issues with them whilst on the phone, as they can see what we are looking at.


Words cannot explain how good Cobalt Retail is, compared to other systems. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is user-friendly, fast, accurate and does everything we want. We couldn’t ask for a better system.

The Cobalt system has many options at the point of sale that just make it easy to serve a customer.
Chris Wauchope

Managing Director, Far West Rural Supplies

A word from Merlin

When Chris was starting his own business, he came directly to us, having worked previously in a business that used one of our old software packages. After demonstrating Cobalt Retail to him, he decided it was right for his new business. It has been great to have Far West Rural Supplies on board, and we often catch up with Chris and his team at our User Group Training Days.


Merlin’s software, hardware and support gives us peace of mind and lets us focus on our day-to-day retail business.              


Managing Director, Yolla Producers

The training days have been invaluable in getting new ideas and learning more about the system’s capabilities, so we can extract more value for our business.

Michael Bowden

Director, Hills Farm Supplies


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