Cobalt Retail is a comprehensive, fully integrated retail business management tool providing small to medium businesses, whether one store or 100 stores, with the latest business tools to manage your IT requirements.

For one sustainable, budgeted monthly fee, you will have licences for Cobalt Retail modules on our dedicated Cobalt Enterprise Server, as well as remote access to our support team for all your software enquiries, and securely encrypted remote off-site back-up facilities for all of your trading databases.


In addition to all of the general features listed under Cobalt Retail, there are a number of functions designed specifically for rural businesses, including tracking of dangerous goods, MSDS links and peak hazard manifests, tracking of customer license details, bill of materials/components and consignment stock systems. Integration to a number of buying groups online ordering systems is available, including the ability to import and export orders between users and some integrated systems.  A secondary product file is available for the importing and updating of supplier files, and products can be linked for easy tracking of Drum Muster levies.

Co-operative and shareholder dividend records can be accurately and easily kept, and dividends can be paid back to co-op shareholders, or adjusted as a credit on their accounts if required.  A deferred payment system is also available.


Cobalt Auto offers a fully integrated catalogue suitable for a variety of purposes … commonly used within the automotive industry, it allows an ease of use for any industry that needs to simplify product usage for their staff.

Containing four user-definable catalogue levels (for example, Vehicle Make / Model / Year / Variant), once configured your catalogue can add complete efficiency to your counter or telephone sales staff … they simply select the correct products from the catalogue and these will be automatically transferred to the sales screen in Point of Sale.

Other features include serial number and warranty detail tracking, in addition to all of the general Cobalt Retail features.


Cobalt Retail can be specially tailored to the hardware and building trade industry. A variety of features can help streamline processes and accommodate the complexities of your inventory and pricing structures.

The quantity calculator allows you to deal with timber, piping and other products that are sold as lengths. Cobalt Retail’s sophisticated pricing matrix allows you to assign different pricing for all of your different tradespeople based on the products they buy.




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